Andrea & Magda Exhibition
“The Palestinian Dream”

Thomas Doubliez – TD Galerie

Opening reception: 05, November, 2014   /   18:00 – 21:00
05/11/2014 – 30/11/2014  (Tuesday to Saturday)
12:00 – 19:00
TD Galerie,  12 rue Léopold Bellan, 75002, Paris


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In a few decades, the way the Palestinians are represented has been shaped by conflict, against the background of the intifada, the refugee camps, and Israeli bombings in Gaza: although these narratives arise from actual facts, they have helped to mould our mental representation of the Palestinian people.

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The photographs in the series Palestinian Dream conjure up something completely different: a reality emerging in the context of the transformation of Palestinian society. We find all the signs of westernized and globalized society: its enthusiastic middle class, its business culture, its fast food restaurants and gym centres, not forgetting its own alluring identity. It’s a showcase maintained by the Palestinian elite, which should not make us forget the realities of daily life in an occupied country: against this vividly and naively colourful backdrop, the illusions of standardized happiness soon give way to a feeling of malaise and a troubling sense of doubt, like a forced smile.

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The most eye-catching codes of reality TV and advertising, omnipresent in the landscape, end up creating a deep sense of the unbelievable: the disappearance of the real.

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Working together, Andrea and Magda depict hypnotic urban scenes and close-ups in acid colours, encouraging a form of scepticism they share with us—and with the Palestinians among whom they have lived since 2009.

Curator : Thomas Doubliez


Andrea et Magda

Andrea and Magda are a duo of photographers from France and Italy, born respectively in 1976 and 1986. They were based in the Palestinian Territories between 2008 and 2014, where they carried out their first long term project “Palestinian Dream”, which explores the illusion of normality created by the globalization and the liberalization of the economy. They are now based between Marseille and Bethlehem, and they started working on a new project in Sinai, Egypt, focusing on the collapsing tourism industry.

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