Bruno Boudjelal Exhibition

Thomas Doubliez & La Galerie du Pont Neuf present

Opening: 06, November, 2014   /   18:00 – 21:00
06/11/2014 – 30/11/2014 (everyday)
14:30 – 19:00
Thomas Doubliez & La Galerie du Pont Neuf,  23 Place Dauphine 75001, Paris


Détours-retour is conceived as the self-proclaimed end of Bruno Boudjelal’s Algerian adventure. Two carefully constructed black and white sequences of square format photographs form the framework of the project. The first, halting and multi-facetted, from Blida to Algiers, is entitled Frantz Fanon (the champion of intercultural journeys), while the second, Retour, is a more peaceful and singular sequence set in Marseille.


Between the two, less structured and less deliberately identifiable fragments appear. Some are in colour, and depict scenes that are less clearly located in geographical terms: the sea, the shore, moments of friendship or pain. Evidence of life sent by photographers, notebooks where things are recorded rather than recounted, and which Boudjelal treats with boundless detachment. His discernment, too, has no bounds, when this re-reading we witness opens the door to dazzling moments worthy of Camus.


 And then doubt returns, like a niggling OCD that just won’t go away: “that remains to be seen”, he seems to say, for fear of seeing things wrong. It’s an attitude that ultimately has to be classified as a form of elegance: it refuses to show images that do not combine the creative process and the act of creation itself, pictures that do not have the delicacy to avoid distorting the world we want to name, even if the price to pay is an apparent technical or stylistic naivety. This isn’t about ‘stealing reality’, nor is it a form of egocentrism; we glimpse the pleasure of being contemporary in an artist and his work. So if a photograph is a ‘fact’ taken from a fixed point and placed at another fixed point, let’s say that Bruno Boudjelal is also concerned with what lies between them: let’s call it the ‘inner landscape’.




Curator : Thomas Doubliez


Bruno Boudjelal
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Franco-Algerian. Born in 1961 in Montreuil. Lives near Paris.

As a Frenchman of Algerian origins, photography for Bruno Boudjelal is a lifestyle in which he endlessly questions his own identity and confronts us with our own.

When his father decided to return to Algeria, he went with him and began to uncover a country, a family, landscapes that spoke to him, a world scarred by violence and individuals whose conversations forced him to question his sense of self. Creating both a diary and testimony, Boudjelal travelled Algeria for ten years. He used both black and white and colour and became increasingly aware of his subjective point of view; one marked by his personal history but curious enough to bring daily life into perspective.

When his travels in Algeria were over, he structured his experiences in the form of an exhibition, a projection and a book, and then decided to concentrate on Africa. Stretched between two continents and two cultures, he is nothing less than generous and shows his capacity to understand and transcribe the complex problems between North and South.

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