Exhibition “All is once” by Christian Janicot

Exhibition “All is once”

by Christian Janicot

Opening: on November 10 from 6.30 pm
Exhibition: from November 10 to December 20, 2015. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 2.30 pm to 7 pm.
Venue: Galerie du Pont Neuf – 23 place Dauphine, 75001 Paris.


For this series by Christian Janicot, it all starts with a greetings card, accomplished form of irony and detachment, wishes never change anything to the years they announce. It is a common usage that should be played over and over again with lightness and full awareness. Identify or associate signs that reveal one’s mood, trips, the places he understands, combines and decides to send to his friends.

From this spontaneous production, a work is developed on a more captive photography, made of still lives, shop windows, windows. A photography of images that require a great visual culture, as well as a good amount of eccentricity.

Finally the last part of this work starts with extremely precise sketches that are then reproduced within a studio with the help of models (in the light of this, we must reveal the existence of many photographs that were never in fact produced, as well as some successes very far from their original form, due to the talent of the models and the unpredictability of photography).


Of course a certain permeability between these three categories of photographies is allowed. It can be said for the individual viewing of the images, even more for the layout of the body of work shown today, built around sequences of images associated three by three.

A syntax that is a direct reference to the haïkus, gives tribute to the moving thought, and opens the possibility of a narration beyond images.


“All is once” is a series marked with reconstruction. What is this lead figurine doing arm stretched in the centre of an image? The circulation of our eye? The stopped spinning top? A pretty naked young woman stands on her hands, her jumper has fallen at the bottom of the image, mingling with her hair. Who is she? Looking out a window, a figure stands straight above a remote cascade of buildings. Where are we?

Impulse of happiness, reconstruction of a world at a very small scale, urban landscapes that fits inside a hand?

Here it is all about reflection. Not in the matted glass of a Rolleiflex, but in the more familiar shiny surface of a smartphone, more than ever mirror and creator of a world that Christian Janicot recognizes, watches.

Frontal or oblique reflections one after the other capture and transform the images in a perfect or already fleeing dream. A collection of happy signs, true, opposed to the stopping of time precious to photography, that combine with no apparent concern about style or period.


Urban treasure hunts, images of images, we are at the doorstep of invented worlds, necessarily incomplete, in which the incursion of reality does not come from what would be saved or preserved by the image, but from the furious desire to reach these worlds, to enter inside the photographs to make sure everything in them is fiction.

As in the shop window of this fortune teller in New York, where “Past, Present, Future” written in neon wire hypnotizes and gives the strange feeling of a light originating from outside the photography. The rest, of a dull grey, almost solarized, fills the background of the image: crystal ball, curtains, chandelier and promises for infinite hucksters.

Back to the present facing the neon “Past, Present, Future”.

A time, an image, the magic of photography.

Thomas Doubliez


03. November 2015 by thomasdoubliez
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