Exhibition « Bitter Honeydew » By Kirill Golovchenko

Exhibition « Bitter Honeydew » 

By Kirill Golovchenko

Exhibition within the event What’s up Photo doc:  from November 12 to 15, 2015
Venue: La Bellevilloise – 19 / 21 rue Boyer, 75020 Paris

« Bitter Honeydew » is a series and book by Kirill Golovchenko, winner of the EPAP 2014.

Bitter Honeydew

Turmoil, chaos, glut, hypermarket in the literal sense of the word, at first it looks like a gargantuan melon fair in Ukraine during summer. The sellers come from the neighboring republics of Georgia, Azerbaijan or Armenia, looking for means of subsistence. The story gets even more confused when we know this documentary work following these street vendors of bitter honeydews is done exclusively at night, along highways, in a country prey to deep troubles. Deep as the night which frames and confines the images until it becomes their main character. A character necessarily hidden, as if a huge widespread chaos had made there its home and protection.

Bitter Honeydew

Stripped or at least bare-chested people take part in this incredible industry, mixing here and there bad boys, prostitution and families of sleepy sellers.

A Babel waken up by a sharp light that breaks through the night and illuminates each time a precise spot of this widespread chaos. Still life of honeydews placed with infinite skill on a formica shelf, offering. Knife and glass next to each other, sacrifice. Dried sunflowers, what would the sun be doing here?

Bitter Honeydew

Everywhere the choice to reveal fragments of this meaningless life and to keep the night intact, all at once container of chaos and potential of dream.

Bitter Honeydew

Kirill Golovchenko will use the same shooting process on Maïdan square during the huge demonstrations of 2014, in Ukraine. With again a dialog between luminous glows and dark night.

A striking documentary and artistic approach that makes its author an eminent artist of the new photographic scene, which from Berlin to Moscow revolutionizes photography today.

Thomas Doubliez

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